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Best Game of 2010

Super Mario Galaxy 2 42 46.15%
Sin and Punishment:Star Successor 5 5.49%
Metroid:Other M 6 6.59%
Wii Party 3 3.30%
Kirby's Epic Yarn 6 6.59%
Donkey Kong Country Returns 29 31.87%

SMG2 is easily the best game of 2010. Metroid: Other M was alright, I haven't played DKCR,but, might get it later. GoldenEye is awesome too, even though its not in the poll.


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The game definitely had a few problems but Metroid Other M was one of the most absorbing games I've played this year.  It beats out the flawless Mario Galaxy 2 (for me) and I'm having a hard time thinking of any game for ANY SYSTEM that I enjoyed as much.  It was just what I wanted......more or less.

mZuzek loves Smeags. 😢

My vote is for Samus!

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Black Ops

Might be a spoiler from Donkey Kong Country Returns so dont look if you dont want ot see it!


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Metroid Other M by default.  I own Galaxy 2 and S & P 2, but they're still unopened.  Haven't played the other 3.

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I've only played just a small part of DKCR, it's just amazing...I can already say it's probably my favourite 2D platform since the 16-bit era, so far I like it even more than SMG2.

Kirby's Epic Yarn -> a bit disappointed about this one. Maybe a bit too childish and the fact that you can never die...

Donkey Kong Country Returns -> haven't played it yet

Metroid Other M -> haven't played it yet

Super Mario Galaxy 2 -> it's a lot of fun but I think in many ways it's a copy/paste from the first Mario Galaxy.

Sin&Punishment2 -> it was fun but I arrived to a hard boss battle and stopped playing it.

Wii Party -> not interested.

Monster Hunter Tri -> The beginning was slow but at the end it was simply incredible. You have to buy this game.


As surprising as it may seem, in my case the best game I've played on the Wii this year at the moment comes from a 3rd party. Thank you Capcom for making Monster Hunter Tri exclusive on the Wii.

Obviously Super Mario Galaxy 2 is  better than the first game!