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Just noticed a comment that makes a lot of sense from that blog.

It is entirely possible that the game is adding the auto steering assist because it thinks he is a younger child while sitting down.  It can obviously detect height, so perhaps there is a certain height threshhold that Kinect decides as "Adult" or "Child" and adds the auto steering based on that.

Makes sense at least given the evidence. 

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nightsurge said:
Booh! said:
nightsurge said:

Already posted.  Also fake.

It seems not:

False.  That's supposedly the guy who made the vids and is trying to credit himself.  From personal experience with trying this exact same thing on MY OWN Kinect (as well as personal experiences of a few other members on here), it is nothing like this.  Yes there is some very minor auto-steering, but it will not guide you around the track that well.  You will hit the wall way more often than that and will finish last every time.

EDIT:  I see now that it is some fluke applying only to sitting down?

You can see how the light reflections on his glasses change accordingly to what is displayed on screen.

It autoplays when sitting down. Kind of like using the super guide in Donkey Kong Country or NSMB. It seems intentional and no, it's not the future of gaming as Joyride isn't going to sell well. 

MrT-Tar said:

lol, that's exactly what happened to me.

Playstation All-Stars is one of the best games I've played this gen, and is the most fun I've had in a game this gen.

the future is the constant yearly boring COD games that seem to sell , Cannot wait

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So it wants you to drive standing up?

I hate it when a game plays like this (though I have enjoyed kinect). Something like this doesnt happen in similar games like mario kart wii (eventhough it´s not a perfect game either), if you hit a wall you get stuck if you dont know how to steer.

What is more fun is that he ended in third place lol



And some people have the audacity to call Nintendo's casual games 'too easy'.

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I'm at a loss for words here... O_o'