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Sometimes when I go to this website, something completely takes over and redirects me (without my consent) to another website which tells me I have a bunch of errors in my hard drive and have of spyware or whatever and tells me to download(I think) something to get rid of it. It has happen a bunch of times now and I am irritated. Has anyone encountered the same problem and how do you stop it?

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I've had many problems getting here, but none like you have described

double post

Happened to me last night when I was on my bosses computer at work! Then, the pop-ups started. It may happen at home, but I usually use the Wii.

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firefox +adblock pro

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Even with firefox I generally get popups

haven't gotten many pop ups here- i just get that stupid website redirection and the "Hi, you have been selected to win a free Apple iPhone."

yes, i have the same problem, since some days recently. It's not drivecleaner, as it was previously, but another program. It's a virus. And, i already did a thread on this subject, when it was drivecleaner.

It seems to be either...

a) Adware/Spyware on your PC
b) Virus

The first one is the most likely, so I recommend you using some spyware removal tool like Spybots or Adaware.

that hasnt happened to me