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Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition's Touch Screen Support Detailed.. >_>

Yes I can finally do the hadouken!! 11 34.38%
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! 8 25.00%
Do I smell pie? 13 40.63%
Gnizmo said:
Farmageddon said:

@ Gnizmo

I don't get it, what'd be the problem of pressing "YBR" for instance?

Assigning a punch to Y and B is counter intuitive and against every normal fighting game button layout for one.

Good point :)

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miz1q2w3e said:

Anybody played Tat vs Cap on Wii?? The whole Wii controller setup was basically a bunch of shortcuts like this game has, to do a hadouken all you have to do is press 'B'...etc it's not very fair or fun, that's why i only play with gamecube controllers, it takes a bit of effort to do a special move (as it should) - - - - i mean how hard is it to *left-down-punch* anyways?

So i guess I'll play without the shortcuts IF i get this game (probably won't)

such things existed in TvC?  That's embarrassing, I've played for over 120 hours and I never knew that!  I just played regularly with my CCpro.

I'd rather have it done ol'skool, a control stick/pad and buttons (even an arcade controller). The 2 KOF games on the GBA worked really well with the pad, or so I've heard. But as long as their is a control option, I can finally do a Hadouken!!!

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its an option, and it doesnt dumbs the game down. I will defeat someone and if the person uses the shortcuts i will still defeat them.Pulling hadokens is not even a factor in high level of play.Unlike iphone version.where you are screwed and have no choice in being screwed.Well that version doesnt even deservers the sf4 name.Its using snes graphics for crying out loud.