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Will 3DS have a drought?

Yes 22 37.29%
No 37 62.71%

Kick arse 1st party games plus amazing 3rd party support = hopefully no software drought 

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At first there's just no reason for droughts for the 3DS and the near future.

However never say never. You just never know if 3 years into the 3DS life that you could see a drought of shovelware for 2 Quarters of the year.

Hell no.

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Will be, just after the psp2 is officially announce and all the developers go back to Sony because the system had better specs so it mean for them more hardcorz...

But we must first concentrate ourselves on the way to entertain people, for video games to live. Else, it's a world where sales representative will win, which has as effect to kill creativity. I want to say to the creators all around the world:"Courage, Dare!". Shigeru Miyamoto.

regardless of the system - there is always a drought.  if you want to be an early adaptor you just have to accept that as a fact.  wait a year, between increased support and a back catalog you won't have to worry about running out of games.

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nah its having a healthier launch than the wii or even the ds.We can even stretch that, it had a better launch than the Ps3.its more on the lines of the ps2 that never had an arguable might sell as hot as the ds did but is gonna have strong sales and encourage sequels of the initial lineup plus more ips. I dont foresee a real 7 months drought like the wii faced.

I highly doubt it. It has the support of Nintendo's awesome games PLUS the third party support equivilant to the PS2.

It looks like every developer and his sister has something in line for the 3DS, so while logically there should be a drought at some point, I don't see it happening here...


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