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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Activision do the UNthinkable

DJ Hero 2 will be bundled with a free copy of the original game in Europe.

Activision has announced that the Turntable Bundle and Party Bundle will come with the extra game while stocks last.

Both titles will provide over 170 original mixes to play with a specialised turntable controller.

DJ Hero 2 will be available from October 22 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii.

Giving away a game for FREE!!!!!


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This isn't the first time they've done this. They did the same thing with Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero: Van Halen. Still a decent deal. Too bad I don't live in Europe.

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This cannot be! Is really Activision publishing this game?

Above: still the best game of the year.

postofficebuddy said:

This isn't the first time they've done this. They did the same thing with Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero: Van Halen.

It's so unthinkable they need to do it twice to be barely thinkable, aye!



The Story So Far...

    If you haven't played Patapon 1 and 2... SHAME ON YOU!!!! I am truly disappointed, (as are your parents, and friends and people you've never met). Don't be too hard on yourself though, as redemption can be achieved. By playing Patapon 3! With that said, jumping headfirst into this game would be akin to jumping head first into an empty pool... it's not a good idea (Unless you don't get this game... Then by all means, have a nice swim) So let me get you up to speed on the story so far...

    In the last game, the patapon horde started construction on a bridge to cross the sea. Patapon 3 takes place long after this initial endeavor. A new, mysterious land has been found and the patapon seem intent on finding the hidden treasures it contains. They Pata Pata Pata Pon until they come across a giant, locked chest. Curiously, they break the thing open to discovery it was really a prison! 7 evil spirits are freed and turn the patapon army to stone. This is where the story of Patapon 3 begins



Teh Drums: How to control your army

Just like in the other games, Patapon 3 will be using rhythmic cues to control the patapon horde! Hit a combination of 4 buttons (square, X, O, triangle) to influence your army in different ways. Attack, defense, jump, move forward, RETREAT!!! Feva mode, etc. I'd imagine that patapon 3 further opens up this gameplay mechanic with introducing new songs and/or using the songs in different ways


Fever Mode:

If you time your cues correctly and successfully relay a command to your patapon army, a meter will start to fill up. Once this meter fills up, fever mode is initiated. This mode GREATLY increases your armies potential for destruction by illiciting special attributes/abilities in each of your 3 classes. For example, your Yaripon (archers) will shot 3 times as many arrows during fever mode.

I don't know what's changed from Patapon 2-3, but I'll find out and updated soon!


What to do with these gameplay mechanics:

Attack enemies, fight bosses, break objects/destroy buildings, go right, find weapons & items to advance army power, get ingredients to make items or upgrade patapon, play mini-games in the hub overworld to get more items/ingredients to further upgrade stuff!!!, go right some more.


The Patapon:

Albert Einstein, the guy who's brain is now in a jar somewhere, once contemplated how to defeat a patapon army... He stopped, stating that gravity was easier to figure out. As you can imagine, these things are badass! But what is a patapon?

    The patapon are a group of warrior eyeballz that you never want to cross paths with. When they move right, they move right. And whatever stands in their way becomes either: A. Dead B. Food C. Dead and food

    In the context of the games, there are many different types of patapon to control. All of them have a unique, strategic purpose and are necessary at different times to advance.


(Click photo for larger image)

Pon Types:

Very few details are currently available about which kinds of pons will be in Patapon 3. But considering the jump from Patapon 1-2 yielded many different types with a completely new level up system, I'd imagine we'll see a return of the above types plus more!



Classes mean which type of unit a pon will be. For example, swordsman, spear-man, archer, etc. I don't know exactly which classes will make a return and which new ones will be added. Will update as information becomes available


Screen shots:


Look how pretty this game is... Look at it dammit D:<  I SAID LOOK!

Hall of Heroes: Bigger, faster, stronger

    In Patapon 2, the idea of a 'hero' was first introduced to the series. This unique unit was the soul of the patapon horde as it patapwned towards earthend. Being vastly more powerful compared to other patapon, how oneself used this unit had dramatic implications on battle outcomes. Sometimes the strategy involved meant the difference between fucking the ever-loving-shit! out of the enemy or being beat down like a drunk's wife who forgot to make the dinner.

    In Patapon 3, this glorious little bastard makes it's return... as you. That's right, YOU'RE the hero this time around. And being how awesome you are souly for purchasing Patapon 3, the developers increased the awesomeness ness of this warrior to match your awesomeness ness... ness. Better yet, you can choose from a variety of different classes that can be changed and leveled up on the fly. Levelup-and-customization appeasement? Check


Why not take a gander at yourself below? You sexy beast. you.


Basic Classes:


Taterazay- This Hero mimics the Tatapon pons from the previous Patapon installments. Take arms as a swordfighter! Use your weapon to slice the f**k out of enemy fools! If you need some defense, just Chaka Chaka Pata Pon to block massive enemy damage. 


Yarida- This Hero mimics the Yaripon pons from the previous Patapon games. Spelling kinda sounds like Yorda from Ico... (Interesting fact). But I promise you, no little boy with horns needs to protect this badass. If anything, Ico would be the one getting his ass saved. You can expect this spearman to rule.


Yumiyacha- This Hero mimics the Yumipon pons from the previous Patapon games. First off, I'd like to mention that he's green... Second off, I'd like to mention that I have nothing else to mention. This guy will rain death upon the enemy so hard that I bet Raining Blood from Slayer is a surprise soundtrack just so it can turn on during that moment!!! FUCK YEAH SLAYER!!! I look forward to patapwning to heavy metal... but honestly, who wouldn't?  


Elite Classes:


Tondenga- I have no idea WTF this thing is to be honest... Other than it looks like a pig. I guess it's a pig pon lol. But don't take piggie too lightly, as it has a GIANT spiked mace! I'm sure it's in direct response to all the bullying he endured on the playground as a piglet. Nothing stops the bullies like being beaten to death with a club. (Fact) Get ready to patapwn with this guy come Patapon 3!


Wondabarappa- This Hero mimics the Megapon pon from the previous Patapon installments. Sporting a GIGANTIC sound-wave-destroyer instrument, I'd imagine the enemies best keep up with their supply of earplugs. They're gonna need it once this guy wars up for it's symphony of destruction. (Megadeth better be in this game too!)


Kibadda- This Hero mimics the Kibapon pon from previous Patapon installments. Horseman of the apocalypse. Nuff' said.


New Classes:

One has a giant shield and one has a slightly 'less' big mace than piggy pig. IDK what else to say. More info is needed at this time and I'll be sure to update when that time comes.


Multiplayer Info:

Along with all the other awesome, Patapon 3 features an Ad-hoc and infrastructure multiplayer that supports 1-8 players. These are broken down into Co-op battles through levels and boss fights as well as competitive (capture the flag) missions.  To add to the experience, a clan system is being implemented on top of a streamlined chat system. Team up with your friends to take down bosses, battle through hostile enemies pons, and collect a sh*t load of loot.


Multiplayer feature list:

-Ad-hoc & infrastructure multiplayer
-1-8 other people for online play
-Co-op and competitive missions
-Clan system
-Chat system
-Sh*t load of loot and level up possibilities

Trailers/Information Videos:

TGS Trailer:

E3 Trailer:

GC Trailer:

Online multiplayer demo video:



IGN's preview

Gamespot's preview

My preview


Release Dates:
North America: Novermber, 2010
Europe: TBA 2011
Japan:Q4 2010

(More updates to come)

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It is nice that they give a game away for free but honestly saw the game for less than 10 €.


Someone is getting fired for that mistake

Somewhere in hell, there's a cat called Snowball who suddenly fancies his chances of getting out alive.

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Man when you said unthinkable I thought maybe they dropped service for WoW. That would be unthinkable. Bundling an old game that no longer sells too well thats just smart buisness sense, hearing that they've done it already once before means it was obviously successful. Why not bundle old software with new software?


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raptors11 said:

Someone is getting fired for that mistake

yep, kotic must be racing from his tower of Doom to the Activison headquarters in Communist North Korea to kill who ever authorised such as thing 

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