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Thats brilliant! Hopefully this is what Sony's commercials will look like starting next year.

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leo-j said:
Dude its not, the american ads > this one easily.

The ps3 ads are the best ads(the american ones).

yeah, is probably because Sony believe the "this is living" campaign in Europe has a good effect :rollseyes:.

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2-3 things about this supposed european ad :

1/ the choose of superman is stupid,
not that european hate sm,
but they could have choose a game less US targeted to appeal everybody

2/ the choose of Lair is ....
hum, well,

they could have taken Unchatred or Ratchet !

3/ this video is old. It is at least 2 months old.

4/ there are about no advertissement about PS3 on the french TV lol


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how much are PS3 ads shown in the US. I live in the UK and have seen at most 3 adverts in the past 2 weeks

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I think the crying baby was the coolest videogame ad I've ever seen.  They thought outside the box.  I'm ok with an ad being creepy.

Anyway, all the morphing PS3 ads have been good and they are only getting better recently since they can show Gran Turismo 5.  They need to show the game titles for every game they show. 

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eugene, quote this post, copy the code and paste it into your original post:

People are always criticising Sony ads, but the important thing for advertisers is not whether or not people like their ads, but that they talk about them.
Even if they say "WTF was that all about!?!" it means they are working.
Most ads these days don't even feature the product they are trying to sell.