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Well I think the thread title is self explanatory.

Never been caught having sex, but I have caught other people going at it several times (and trust me some were not pretty).

One of the most interesting times is actually the most recent one. It happened about a month or two ago. I didn't exactly walk in on anyone, but it was still interesting. I woke up in the middle of the night, thirsty, and I heard these moans and grunts coming from outside (I had my window wide open). So I go and check it out and bam... I se this guy shagging some chick in a convertable parked in front of my building. Being a the law-abiding citizen that I am I wanted to call the cops on them, but also being a major perv I decided to take advantage of this rare opportunity to witness wonderfull live display love-making, so I let those crazy horny kids have their fun. My only regret is that I didn't have a camera handy .

And yes, I too thought that it might have been a dream, but the following morning I saw a used condom (near) where the car had been parked. Knew I should've called the police on those punks... Imagine sex in a public place AND littering. The Nerve!

Feel free to post your funny stories, and hopefully describe the funny reactions and the awkwardness that ensued. Maybe even give a little moral to your story (mine has two morals: don't retract the roof of your convertible if your planning to have sex in it and always have a camera handy, just in case).

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Not sex, but I was ALMOST caught by my ex's mom, she was on top of me, just making out, I had my hands on her boobs, when I heard her mom coming I pushed her off boobs first, pretty funny.

i work for the city parks and recreation department. we were going around cleaning parks on the weekend, and in the car right next to ours, there was a women doing services. they didn't even stop either.

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I have been caught and have caught people.


Sometimes its been really funny to be honest. Will update the post when i got time

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both ways.

I walked in on my parents when I was a kid (5yrs old) and my wife's sister (15 at the time) walked in on us hittin it doggy style.

No biggie, my parents yelled at me to knock and my wife and I laughed then continued. Later on we told her, see that's why you should knock. Normally door would have been locked but she wasn't there when we started.

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Her sister walked in on us once, but we kept our clothes on when there were others at home just in case.


I've never walked in on someone having sex though. Unless it counts if you were in the room before it actually started.

Yeah, once the girlfriend (now wife) decided the couch would be a fun spot once.  I got up and though I dead bolted the front in the off chance my room mate would decide to come home and thought everything was cool (well, not for him since in the off chance he did decide to come home he'd be locked out, oh well).

So anyways...yeah, a while later apparently I didn't lock the dead bolt all the way and there we were...naked on his couch...

Never, and the very thought of it chills me to the bone.






Yes. One day I had nothing to do so I went on the VGC IM and I went into a chat room where I caught something going on between dsister and jesus kung fu magic. And the worst part is, they didn't even stop even though they knew I was there! It was nasty.

A couple of times either been caught or caught someone.  My partners cousin lives with us and over the years it happened a couple times.