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Lot of websites speak about this rumour (source : IGN) of GTA 5 revealed very soon by rockstar...

Probably true, but when it will be official ??? At the moment, Rockstar don't want to comment this rumour. Strange, no ?


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How is it strange??

y strange? we r overdue for newGTA game

I don't care for "GTA V" I hope to a lot of things that it isn't liberty city again, but a more robust and diverse setting, with none of that hip hop themed crap we had in SAN ANDREAS.


Just a regular life as a regular person! Re made into a GTA game with WAYY better visuals than GTA IV, because GTA IV looks like a shit stain.



Chances this is on Wii or Wii 2?

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Vice City 2!!! C'mon Rockstar :P

NeoGohan said:

Vice City 2!!! C'mon Rockstar :P

OMG, yes!!!

I want Vice City again, my fav so far.

I never liked one single GTA. They are fun, but overrated IMO

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Good I hope for a GTA which is as big as San Andreas with a lot of stuff to do and multiple towns planes and so on.

GTA 4 was like a Super GTA 3 HD.


Best thing in GTA 4 was the physics. Now they can concentrate on the stuff you can do and the landscape. 

Late, they released a wild west themed GTA. I think it was called Red Dead Redemption...

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