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not bad, lots of detail.

the only thing that really gives it away is the GT5 logo on the car's windshield. 


its a real car

It's real. It's a Porsche from the 24h of Nurburgring, all of the cars had the GT logo on them.

The wheels give it away.

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It doesn't have to be from a GT game to have the GT logo on the windshield, just so everyone knows.

you do know that gt is more than just a game right?

Real life For sure

Atto Suggests...:

Book - Malazan Book of the Fallen series 

Game - Metro Last Light

TV - Deadwood

Music - Forest Swords 

I say it's real: GT5 pics don't have that much post processing on them (the depth of field on the back and the motion blur on the right)

Its real, I took this photo from my mobile phone :)