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Fire Emblem 7: Great game, lots of fun.

Fire Emblem 8: Same thing, a little short, but lots of fun.

Fire Emblem 9: Awesome game, my favorite of the series. Seems like Intelligent Systems is getting better and better.

Fire Emblem 10: Pretty good, a bit of a letdown, but still very fun.


Fire Emblem remake 1: Poor game, little story, bad map balance, boring characters that don't even speak. Sometimes they just throw a bunch of guys at you. "Here are three axemen" and these characters have no dialogue of backstory.

Essentially, they brought the series back to its roots, when it was less good. And now...

Fire Emblem remake 2: I believe another version of an old game.


Why can't we just have a new game? One that builds on everything added in 9/10? Do they not want to spend more than a few dollars developing the game?




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I think they want to provide American gamers with the opportunity to experience the games roots, though I think they really should update more than just the graphics.  I'm excited for more remakes, but I hope they continue making new games and I also hope that future remakes impelement some of the features they've made for newer games.

Its new to me, but i'll agree that they could overhaul it more significantly so it isn't as obvious that we're playing an NES game. I still remember that Marth had more character development in one conversation after the final boss (where he finally gets romantically involved with Caeda), than he did in the whole game.

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I would as well prefer a brand new Fire Emblem, however I can forgive the remakes as most of their flaws come from the fact that the original games are so old.

Actually, it depends a bit on how you view it. From the people who have played the SNES Fire Emblem games, the GBA era was a letdown. The SNES Fire Emblems had most of what the GC/Wii Fire Emblems had, but that was removed from the GBA installments.

To them, the GBA installments were the same letdown as you find the DS games to be. The Fire Emblem handheld installments have always been inferior to their console counterparts in terms of complexity.

And let me assure you: Fire Emblem 3 is nothing like Fire Emblem 1. Mystery of the Emblem was superior to FE1. It's more advanced gameplay wise, and it actually has a story. Mystery of the Emblem is still a good game by 2010s standards, whereas FE1 is appalling.

 Most of your complains were most likely fixed by FE3. They will, thus, also be fixed in the remake.

Having played FE3, I can say that I greatly look forward to FE12, and believe it will be far better than FE11.


I'd rather have had an FE5 remake, but I think that part of the reason they're making FE1/FE3 is that Marth has become a liked character in the west through  SSBM/SSBB. That increases the chances of the game selling, and Fire Emblem really could use some more sales.


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I am secretly praying for a new Fire Emblem to be presented pretty soon.


It gets worse. They are noobing up the whole series by letting people not have perma death.

well I dont see a problem since they're on the ds

but I expect the next on the wii to innovate with nice new strategies

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a.) Stop hating on Shadow Dragon

b.) FE12 will be more akin to the SNES games so you can expect it to be up there with the other games released outside Japan.

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aww I liked Shadow Dragon