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Fire Emblem 7: Great game, lots of fun.

Fire Emblem 8: Same thing, a little short, but lots of fun.

Fire Emblem 9: Awesome game, my favorite of the series. Seems like Intelligent Systems is getting better and better.

Fire Emblem 10: Pretty good, a bit of a letdown, but still very fun.


Fire Emblem remake 1: Poor game, little story, bad map balance, boring characters that don't even speak. Sometimes they just throw a bunch of guys at you. "Here are three axemen" and these characters have no dialogue of backstory.

Essentially, they brought the series back to its roots, when it was less good. And now...

Fire Emblem remake 2: I believe another version of an old game.


Why can't we just have a new game? One that builds on everything added in 9/10? Do they not want to spend more than a few dollars developing the game?