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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What happened to Fire Emblem?

mirgro said:

It gets worse. They are noobing up the whole series by letting people not have perma death.

They're broadening the possible audience. It doesn't hurt you in any way.

If you look at it from the "hardest possible way to play it", Fire Emblem has just gotten harder and harder. FE10's hard mode was harder than anything before it, and Shadow Dragon's Hard ***** was equally hard, if not harder.

The GBA Fire Emblems were "noobing up the whole series" because they were all easier than the title before them to everyone. Adding another difficulty doesn't hurt anyone, it just improves it for some people. What they're doing with with  FE12 is far better than what they did with FE6-FE8.

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O-D-C said:

aww I liked Shadow Dragon

It was a good game in its own right, it just had many archaic elements to it. But you had a deadly enough crew there. Tiki, Minerva, and Caeda were the three deadly princesses.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

I hope that it has better gameplay than FE1. Either way, I would prefer an all-new story.



im_sneaky said:

I hope that it has better gameplay than FE1. Either way, I would prefer an all-new story.

Why? You don't know the FE3 story (from what you read, I'm pretty damn sure you haven't played FE3), so FE12 should have an all-new story to you. You've never heard it before.

If I remember correctly, it has a plot-twist, far deeper characters and such. The story is definitely on par with FE8. It's lagging a bit behind pretty much all the other stories, though.

Well, it depends, I guess. To some people, Fire Emblem has become a bit too much of fighting super-natural enemies. FE3 is a bit more down-to-earth than the FE6-FE10 ones. Well, save FE6 and FE9, I guess.

I liked Shadow Dragon :(.

  While it might be a lesser game, you have to remember you are comparing GC/wii games to a ds game.

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I liked Shadow Dragon too.  I hope they continue with remaking the "lost" titles (Gaiden, GoHW, Thracia 776).