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Is Virtual Console a must?

Yes 39 75.00%
No 13 25.00%

I still say if you don't have it then you are missing out.

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A "must have" - No. 

A "should have" - Yes.

In other words, it is not required -- which is the question. But it would certainly be very beneficial.

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Kenryoku_Maxis said:

For me, it isn't a must have thing.  I pretty much have all the past games for stuff like GB and other handheld consoles I would really want.  However, I can see how other people would want it.

What people need to understand however is, there's no possible way ALL the games they want can be put onto a virtual service.  There's too many legal loopholes or companies who just won't cooperate.  Remember Goldeneye 007?  Mischief Makers?  How about the Dragon Warrior titles?  See....the same thing will happen with the HUGE catolog of GB games on a similar 3DS service.  The major Nintendo games will get ported...and we'll never see the likes of games like Final Fantasy Legend II, Dragon Warrior Monsters or Donkey Kong Land due to legal battles and companies never wanting to port them.

In the end, its always better to just go and buy the physical games if you want them.  Ebay is the real Virtual Console.

All Donkey Kong games are property of Nintendo. They were published and liscensed by Nintendo. This means Rare or Microsoft would have no say in the porting of the titles to 3DS. Dragon Warrior would also be a possibility too Square-Enix and Eidos are now the same company and TOSE is still affiliated and works with Nintendo so I don't think they would have any objections.

I think their would be a huge catalog of games from the GameGear and GB,GBC,GBA. Actually I wouldn't mind seeing the VirtualBoy games playable in 3D as they did back in the day. Ebay is truly the only way to play anything you want but the prices are usually high if I wanted to play the Virtual Boy games I'd have to spend about 200$ for the console and the game.

I would much rather pay 8$ and buy it on the 3DS virtual console. Plus the shipping and handling and such makes Ebay a pretty expensive option. Not to mention the GameGear was bulky and had a horrible battery life the thing was so fragile too, and who can find a WonderSwan or NeoGeoPocket and their games?

In the end the 3DS could emulate all of them seemlessly and for a cheaper cost then buying all the hardware and software seperatly!


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VC is not a must, however it would be a big benefit. Before I purchase the 3DS, I'd need a solid library of games available. VC would speed that up by a lot, so I'd buy it much sooner. The GBA also had two Metroids and all but one (really two if you count Lost Levels) which are almost enough on their own to justify buying the handheld if they were $8 or less. I sadly sold my GBA and DS Lite to help pay for current games and being able to play those on the go (legally) would be really nice.

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I think it's going to happen.  It's probably also why we didn't see a VC for DSi (which most early rumors pointed to).  I expect at launch we'll probably see...


  • Game Boy games: 500 points
  • Game Boy Advance games: 800 points
  • Game Gear games: 500 points
  • WonderSwan games: 800 points (Japan only)
...and down the line, we might get...
  • Virtual Boy games: 800 points
  • Pokemon Mini games: 200 points
  • Neo Geo Pocket games: 600 points

No, but a Virtual Game Boy would be nice. I already expected it for the DS and I hope it'll be one of the features of 3DS. It's not a must, though.

certainly not a must, but it would make the 3DS way better. i hope and honestly think they will do something like this.


I don't think we will get the Virtual Boy games at all. It costs money to make the emulator and there is too few games that people would actually buy to justify that.

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Yes. How else could I play the old Mega Man games without it?

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