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Horrible trailer but the game looks very good. I really like the cartoon style.

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it reminds me of viewtiful joe... it could be interesting, but i'll wait for reviews.


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I'll buy it only if Adam West voices Batman.

It definitely looks like its being marketed towards kids, which isn't totally a bad thing.  But I would need to see more gameplay beyond a flashy trailer to see if its more than just a mindless brawler or something with some actual content and fun game mechanics.

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This actually looks kind of cool. I'm really liking the cartoon style graphics.

it looks good, but I still can't get over the fact that this is what they gave us instead of Arkahan Asylum 2.

the artstyle is kinda fancy

So, this is on WiiWare?

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hmm, I like the design of the game. I think the world could use some more of the old style side brawlers. Seems like a lot of companies are having a hard time using the old formula to make a good game, most suck. Maybe this one will work out :)

This game sucks as an AA replacement. Whatever though. This game will probably fail due to it not being polished enough. It's a quick made game to shut the people up who want AA. It won't work in any sense of the word as a goal, but it will get a few sales. Maybe enough for a profit.

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Cheebee said:

So, this is on WiiWare?

I don't think so, where did you read that?