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Guerrilla Games' Steven Ter Heide has told a relieved Eurogamer that swearing has been curtailed for Killzone 3.

Not completely, but the contrast to Killzone 2 will be dramatic.

"Yes!" blurted Ter Heide when asked if there will be less potty-mouthed antics in Killzone 3. "Our sound director is here today and we said to him, 'Go through the entire database and, anything that's got s*** or f*** in it, just get rid of it - we don't want to hear it ever again!"

Ter Heide went on to explain that Killzone 3 was still "firmly aiming" to be an 18-rated game.

"Yes, definitely. That's a lot to do with the violence and things like the brutal melee system. We're firmly aiming for an 18," he said.

"But we feel the dialogue in there shouldn't be gratuitous; it should be about advancing the story and natural responses. It shouldn't be off-the-scale swearing.

"We've toned it down a little bit to make sure that the story comes across in the way we wanted it to come across," he added. "That's definitely one of the points we took on board from Killzone 2."


Aw hell yeah!

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well i can imagine rico with his mouth taped....

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It's fantastic to see all of KZ2's wrongs being corrected!

So...Rico dies at the beginning?

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coolbeans said:
So...Rico dies at the beginning?

LOL. Rico dies confirmed.

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Good. Excessive swearing only works if you are trying to be completely over the top to loop around back to funny, ala House of the Dead: Overkill.

Holdy fucking shit, about goddamn time! I've been waiting for those bastards to stop acting like bitches and take action.

This is a start, up next should be the controls. There is a reason KZ is not selling like CoD and it has a lot to do with the controls.

@griffin screw cod

OT: I don't care as long as it doesn't go all Disney

What? Rico without a dirty gutter mouth? That's absurd....