Forums - Sales Discussion - Will PS3 outsell the Wii WW once shortages are fixed by the 40nm model?

Will PS3 outsell the Wii WW once shortages are fixed by the 40nm model?

Yes 143 25.49%
No 418 74.51%

I think by the time PS3 hits $199 Wii will be about $99.

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No, though I think PS3 sales will see a boost once sufficient stock is flowing in.

I think it's possible that Move will be available shortly after E3, perhaps immediately after, and that Sony is holding 40nm PS3 units back for a Move launch with bundles.

kowenicki said:
Strength said:
It will someday. 100% chance of beating Xbox 360.

"100% chance"?

odd phrase.

seeing how everyone else totally misunderstood the point of your post, i'll go on to say I'm assuming that it's a north american phrase. Like you said a lil later, it basically means it's definite... 100% probability that it'll occur. I use it all the time, but in hindsight, it is true that it's an odd phrase lol. I was surprised to see you didn't recognize it, I would've figured it was used by everyone.

@ OP
well, if the story of the tortoise and the hare has taught us anything..if nintendo decides to go to sleep and not sell anything, then yeah, obviously the playstation can pass it if the shortages are fixed.

Short answer? No.

Long answer is that the PS3 will stay in second place for the rest of the year. At all the stores I've been to there are several PS3 units but only one or no Wii units which can only mean that this problem has been "solved" on Sony's part and either they PS3 has cooled down or they've been over shipping units again.

I would say no just because of the casual market and the wii and even the ds has to much of a stranglehold on that market right now. Then with the wii 2 nintendo will try to over compensate with the graphics to get core gamers back, and as long as its interchangeable with the wii and maybe even the gamecube it will continue to do well. All that above was a bunch of blah. Nintendo is gold right now even though things have slowed down. But PS3 may do some catching up  every so often. I dont see it happening during the holiday season though so they better hurry up.

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No chance.  It still costs twice as much as the Wii.

Is it worth every penny?  Yes.

Does the fanboy in me wish it was selling a lot more?  Yes.

But Nintendo struck gold.  Perfect product at the perfect time at the perfect pricepoint. 

Ail said:
jarrod said:
Ail said:

I think RDR PS3 actually has a shot at outselling GoW3......

Even if so, I'd say it has basically no chance of outselling Galaxy 2.  You seem to pinning a lot on RDR, what else is there?

What title capable of selling more than 500k are getting released on the Wii in the next 3 months ?

SMG2 and Tiger Woods 11, that's about it...........


PS3 got RDR ( this week), Mod Nation's Racers, Blur, UFC 2010.

And early August , Madden 11 !

I think SMG2 weekly sale number until the end of the summer would be more or equal to these three games combined (perhaps even RDR) which means PS3 has no real advantage until Madden 11 is released.

OT: No.

MikeB predicts that the PS3 will sell about 140 million units by the end of 2016 and triple the amount of 360s in the long run.

2100 ps3 has been out since beginning of may and there are still shortages here in my area so i dont think the 2100 sku has fixed the shortages

the next real time ps3 can go against the wii is wen move releases in the fall 


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No, no and no!

Not a chance