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Thulak said:

this entire thread is just your opinions

They aren't mine.

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These may be reasons you have fault with a game, but has very little, if nothing, to do with how they were marketed and subsequently sold.

This thread should have been entitled: Flaws I see in Hardcore Wii games.

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Opa-Opa said:
These may be reasons you have fault with a game, but has very little, if nothing, to do with how they were marketed and subsequently sold.

This thread should have been entitled: Flaws I see in Hardcore Wii games.

They aren't my reasons.

Weird thread.
The only games I could see that didn't sell are Dead Space: Extraction, Madworld (even though there is a sequel they want to make) and No More Heroes 2 (but it only released in one territory, with 0 ads), and Cursed Mountain (mediocre gameplay, 0 ads, terrible boxart, and no shelf space allocation)

With the exception of NMH2, for the values and experience they provided, the others didn't exactly deserve gangbuster sales. NMH2 just got no help from Ubi.

One is 5 hours, one is a test game, and the other contains archaic gameplay. See if you can decipher which ones I'm talking about.

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Lets face it, this thread is mostly based on your opinion.
I agree that hardcore games sell on Wii but I don't agree with making excuses on the ones that don't sell.
Most of the games on this list were good games but unfortunately didn't sell well

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I know it's not a popular opinion, but I really do think certain types of games have traditionally sold better than others on Wii.

It can't be do to quality that Wii series games sell so much better than many of the listed games because quite a few of these games have received higher review scores than any Wii series game.

I don't think it's do to lack of advertising because many of these games have been discussed at great length on internet forums and in the gaming press. Play even dedicated a cover to Muramasa.

Nintendo games aren't immune to it. Galaxy, the Metroid games, Wario Shake It, and Twilight Princess didn't sell like the Wii series games.

I think it has to be do to the fact that much of the Wii's audience is still very much nontraditonal gamers.

I've only read through two and a bit pages of this thread before I got fed up. The difference between a title being a success or failure from the point of view of a publisher is that a title is successful if it's made a profit. It's as simple as that. A successful (ie profitable) title can sell 100,000 units or less if the budget for the title in question is small enough. For some strange reason a great deal of people that've not experienced working in the industry (I worked in the industry for 4 years as a tester working for Eidos until Summer 2008) can't get their heads around this fact, and for some reason get into their heads that if it hasn't sold 1m or more it's a failure. Nonsense.

Going by what the fellah from Namco Bandai said a while back, some PS360 titles need to sell over 500,000 to make a profit. Going by what the fellah from EA said, the cost of developing and publishing Wii titles is anywhere between a third or a quarter more cost effective than developing PS360 titles.

If you take those figures into account you'll find the following ercentage of titles on each platform have been profitable:

Wii games selling 300,000 or more - 246/612 = 40.1%

360 games selling 500,000 or more - 191/858 = 22.3%

PS3 games selling 500,000 or more - 141/528 = 26.7%

Obviously this is taking a fair few assumptions into account, but I don't think I'd be too far wrong if I said that over 50% of Wii titles are successful. They may not all be platinum tites, they may not all be aimed at the 'hardcore' demographic but they are successful.

What's also interesting is taking a look at the amount of platinum titles for the Wii - they're a mixture of different genres aimed at a mixture of different demographics. For my money the Wii is the best console out of the three this gen - it has something that'll appeal to everyone: hardcore games, casual games, puzzle games, survival horror games, party games, music games, action games, adventure games and Homebrew. Something for everyone, no matter how old they are or how long they've been gaming. That's why it's so successful, and why developing and publishing games for it is so successful.

Not every Wii game goes platinum, but the majority of Wii games released earn publishers a profit...and I think third parties are going to learn a valuable lesson from the success of Monster Hunter Tri now that a publisher has finally released a AAA quality game with a AAA quality marketing campaign.

another one?

Did you just call Overkill boring? Lies!

mortono said:
For all of them...

They are on Wii. Core games don't sell on the Wii.

I agree with this!