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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Studio Ghibli and Level 5's Game Shaping up to be the Ultimate DS Game!

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CommonMan said:
Thanks Kenryoku! I'll check it out, what is your opinion on it? You never said.

I highlighted Hayao in my original post because the OP listed him as Hideo, I mean we love Kojima and all but, different planes of existence for those two.

Tales from Earthsea and Ponyo are the only Ghibli movies I have yet to see.  So that's pretty much why I don't give out my opinion on that.  I have however seen pretty much all the others, including smaller works that aren't official movies like 'Ghiblies' and 'On Your Mark' to the works not done by Miyazaki himself.  I have yet to see anything bad or even 'sub par' from Ghibli, so hopefully Tales from Earthsea won't be as dissapointing as people make it out to be.

Ponyo was wonderful. 

As I would expect it to be, heh.  I'm looking forward to seeing it, once I have the money to go and buy the DVD.  But its kind of a trade between buying a game like Mario Galaxy 2 or that movie.

When you do watch it, make sure you watch the original Japanese version and not the english dub. I'm not sure if it's because I watched the original first, but I thought the english dub was terrible. 

No worries there.  I've watched every previous Miyazaki film in Japanese and I'm going to do the same with Ponyo.  Part of the reason I haven't seen it yet is because the only version they had in theaters around here was the Disney dub.  And unlike most other Anime, I didn't want to just find 'alternate' means of watching it.

And I mean, I'm already not exactly a lover of dubs.  I still feel that media, no matter what it is, should be viewed in its original form.  But when it comes to the Disney dubs of Miyazaki's movies, I don't really find them to be that great even in comparison to other dubs, despite some people thinking they're some ofthe best dubs out there.  Script content is altered and some of the voices are downright cheesy.  Especially in the Porco and Laputa dubs.  Which is pretty sad considering they used the same 'talent' as they used for their normal voice work (hollywood actors).  But it just goes to show you, just because you're an 'actor' doesn't make you a good 'voice actor'.

Lol, oh, and Frankie Jonas (voice of Sosuke in Ponyo) does a cover of the Ponyo theme. That's another reason not to see the english dub. XD I ran out of the cinema when it started playing. 

OT: Not sure if anybody has posted this yet, but has a nice article on Ni no kuni ~ ~ . :D  


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I hope this hits the US, because I'm a fan of Hayao Miyazaki.

i take it you didnt like tales of earthsea?

Wait, what?! I'm so confuzzled.

nvm, i assumed you bolded/underlined the hayao part, since his son directed that movie (with ghibli). btw, this game isnt confirmed to have hayao miyazaki either, it just says he hates video games.