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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Studio Ghibli and Level 5's Game Shaping up to be the Ultimate DS Game!

It looks like Hayao Miyazaki, director of Princess Monoke and the Oscar winning Best Animated Feature Spirited Away, 's Studio Ghibli and Level 5 producer of Dragon Quest VIII, the PSP's critically acclaimed Joan of Arc and the highly popular Professor Layton series on DS are seting out to deliver the ultimate game and jrpg experience for the Nintendo DS.

Here are some scans from a recent Kotaku article on the game:

I'm hoping to hear much more on this game soon and hopefully it will make an appearance at E3 2010.

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Studio Ghibli + Level 5 = Instant Win!
This will get released outside of Japan, right? Right!?

Studio Ghibli = Instant win
Level 5 = Sometimes instant win, sometimes just good.

But sometimes when you combine 2 good things you get a bad thing. So I'm excited. But, not sure this is going to be good, or we'll even get this type of game in the states

johnappseed84 said:
Professor Layton series on Wii


Reliable source much?

This game is older than Versus XIII! Hmm, maybe not.

It's Ni No Kuni! - The Another World - the largest DS cart ever. It should be huge in japan - Maybe Final Fantasy huge :O!

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I certainly hope we get it here in the US. But sometimes we don't like with Tales of Hearts (and especially the 3d version).

I also wish the scans on the Kotaku page were bigger.

I've been following this game since its inception. Major fan of Miyazaki and Level 5. I'm expecting this game to sell at least 2 million copies in Japan, if not more. But basically, Miyazaki + Level 5 + RPG + DS = massive formula for success.

I also just want to play the game myself, but I have doubts it'll be coming to America. And even if it does, if it'll be handled well. I may have to import the game and work through it with my limited Japanese.

Six upcoming games you should look into:



It'll come to america! I mean, it's one of DS bigger games ever. It can sell reasonably well, no doubt about it.

this is like a dream came true.
i love Level 5 and i love Studio Ghibli , what can i say? i am going to love this one!

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I'll have to buy a DS to play this game, and all the wonderful past library it has. Shit, Nintendo is falconpunching my wallet.