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Time to bring back the Nintendo Seal of Quality?

Yes 72 71.29%
No 29 28.71%

the seal of Quality isn't really about Quality titles though.. Nintendo are just letting any developer produce any game they want, and this is why Nintendo doesn't have full control on 3rd party's anymore.. they are basically trying to gain great relationship with 3rd party company's

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I guess Nintendo is taking a page from the PS2 philosophy of more games = better. After all it worked for Sony so you can't blame Nintendo for doing it. In a way it makes sense, as the more games on your platform, the more potential you have for consumers to buy the console to play them.

But at the same time it's getting a little overboard for the Wii's library, and making it difficult for the consumer to sift through all the garbage to find the gems like Little King's Story, Muramasa, Zack and Wiki, Red Steel 2, etc.

The seal was never about quality. Nintendo put that seal on the games to let customers know that the game worked, and wouldn't crash.

As for the 'shovelware problem'-- I don't see how that is a problem. I see horrible games and great games on every system. Besides, what some people think is shovelware, others think is a good game (look at Just Dance on the Wii for example).

the seal of quality was a useless thing all the games still go through the same testing routine as the SNES apart from now you actually get really detailed reports from them so the "quality" of games has actually improved since the SNES days.

regarding shovelware most of it doesn't even make it to the shop shelves so there no problem. But the problem is the great lack of good titles, which means all you see when you walk into your local game shop is a few good Wii games and about a dozen really bad ones.

and in regards to the limit that developers can produce... that's just plain wrong a single developer can put out a dozen good titles a year if they had the man power. Also I think you pointing the finger at the wrong person if you want to fix the shovelware problem, because its the publishers fault more than the developer they ask for X amount of games this year and developer x has to make them.

the world is backwards :s

The Seal basically meant that the game you purchased was tested and worked on your Nintendo console without a hitch. It never meant that the game you purchased was actually fun or capable. As long as a company paid the licensing fees and bought a certain number of Nintendo cartridges for their games, they were A-OK.

They DO need to limit the amount of games that a company with no history in the business releases, though.

Anyway, I voted "yes" because I think everything that was around when I was a kid should come back (including Polio).

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'Shovelware' is thrown around too easily, and is subject to interpretation. I will say this, the shovelware of today, ain't nothing like the crap we saw on the Atari. You literally (And I do mean literally) had the same exact game, with a different sprite, and a under a different name. And while Wii has more than it's fair share of 'lazy' games, I wouldn't call them all shovelware.

With that said, Nintendo can't really dictate what third parties do. The last time they did that, developers jumped ship. Besides, unlike the NES era, there are plenty of other consoles in town. Soon to have their own motion control. So no, Nintendo shouldn't pass judgment over third party games. They should only focus on the quality of their games, establish open communication with third parties (But not try to control them) and count the royalty checks as they come in.

There were so many crappy games on NES... The seal of quality meant that the game would turn on and was licensed. They got rid of the seal because people were complaining that the games were not full of "quality..."

Of course, "quality" can be quantitative.

I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it.

In a perfect world, Nintendo would only allow the games that I want to buy and none of the games that I don't. It's too bad we don't live in my perfect world. There's grass that tastes like ketchup, there.

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what make a game shovelware. Some people acutally like those games,ever thought of that. lol

d21lewis said:
Anyway, I voted "yes" because I think everything that was around when I was a kid should come back (including Polio).

You were a kid when Polio was around? You should apply for the Guiness World Record of "Oldest person on the internet."