Forums - Sony Discussion - what is your favorite game that was over looked by the general public ?

1. Folklore - such a beautiful game. I still play it sometimes.
2. Demons Souls - a masterpiece. I hope it will get released in EU so I can buy it again.
3. White Knight Chronicles - I still hope sales will pick up.

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Jeanne D'Arc, one of the best games i played

more people need to play it

Runner up is Folklore

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Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. The gameplay is just a beautiful as the visuals, this game was under the radar for no reason.

the sabotuer i must be the only person to have bought this game but i still enjoyed it and my mate loves it

I think it will soon be either Jeanne D'Arc or Half-Minute Hero (I haven't played them yet, received my import copies this week).

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I would have to say for PS3, Infamous, and 360 , Halo Wars, i am not in to RTSs but I really enjoyed Halo Wars, and Infamous was just a amazing game, it deserves to sale 3m plus.

Demon's Souls, Godhand and Valkyrie Chronicles

GOdhand = one of the most awesome and fun games on the ps2, so underrated
VC and DS = Two of the best RPG's this gen, better than many overrated RPG's out there

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