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Have you bought Grandia on PSN yet?

Yes, no brainer 10 22.22%
Thinking about it 17 37.78%
Nope already played it 5 11.11%
No way, I don't like the series 0 0.00%
What is Grandia? 13 28.89%

Tales of Symphonia is great too (although it did remind me a LOT of FFX story wise). My favorite so far is Phantasia ( I have not played abyss or legendia or vesperia (started first chapter) yet).


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Only 10 responses so far. Come on people...


hmm grandia on psn = $9.99

grandia on emulator = $0----win

son1x said:

"Xtreme sucks and 3 is meh.
1 is where its at! 2 is also good, but not Grandia 1 good."

---as far as story Xtreme was terrible even with mark hammill doing some voice acting. however as far as the grandia battle system is concerned Xtreme is the best in the series with the most depth and challenges to offer...and yea grandia 1 was amazing

I might buy it even tho i already beat it like 3 years ago but the grandia franchise really needs to come to the ps3 with a 4

best rpg combat ever with tales of symphonia and kingdom hearts

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Have the PS1 version but bought it for my PSPGo.

My PS1 version copy was misplaced (I believe) so I bough tit again, even though I have a huge backlog of new games that I am looking forward to play.

It is an amazing game and I am looking forward to Grandia 4.


Dont forget about the Awesome Sukoiden as well

Have it for the PS1.

cmeese47 said:
Dont forget about the Awesome Sukoiden as well

Yep, Suikoden 1 is amazing as well. I am a big fan of both franchises. I recently bought Suikoden 3 (used) for a friend of mine since I wanted him to buy Suikoden 1 on PSN. In hind sight it would have been cheaper to gift him suikoden 1 :D but he came to RPGs late (first RPG ff X) so he likes 3D games better than 2D.

Suikoden 3 is great.