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Forums - Sony Discussion - GTA 5 PS3 exclusive

I think someone has had a little too much tequila !

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SpartenOmega117 said:

I dont actually believe it will be exclusive but i found an artice someone made and it sounded pretty interesting-

"OMG OMG OMG OMG ... I have just heard this from my cousin who works at R*......!!!!!! GTA5 will be set in CUBA during the MAFIA'S CASINO DAYS, and is exclusively being made for the PS3.. But here's why.. As he explains, gta5 won't release till late 2010, and by then R* figures PS3 will have the installed base to sell MILLIONS of copies on that console alone!! And with the updated graphics from working with just ONE console (PS3) the game will be leaps ahead of GTA4.. He states that as of now the game is about 10% done lol

UPDATE: Sorry, I was soooo FAST to inform you all about this awesome info I left out some key points..

.The game will be 4 times BIGGER then San Andreas
.And only 50% of the game will be in CUBA
.The other 50% will be set back in VICE CITY!!! As you the Cuban take off on raft to America and start your own enterprise!!!! (Scarface)
.A unknown but HUGE Spanish Actor will voice the role of the main character
.And multiplayer will consist of building your character up to don through online missions and COD style ranking system"


What do you guys think? It kind of makes sense right?



Not a chance of a 2010 release then, even if all the other details are true, which I doubt. 

Despite monstrous sales of GTA4 Take 2 was still reporting losses the quarter after it came out.  They simply cannot afford to ignore the 7+ million people who bought GTA4 on the xbox.


totally disappointed in this thread.

lightbleeder said:
I don0't believe it, and GTA4 sucked

yes gta4 was poor and i think has runied the series for sum people, i hope they do a good job on gta5 as the series has been going down hill(but china wars was rated good)



After spending a big portion of GTA IV taking care of babies ...... I mean "friends" I just pass on this.

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I would have a lot more faith in this rumor if the person had more then one post :-/

why would any company go back to single platform after going mulitiplat especially when gta4 has sold more on the 360?

I did read earlier that Sony acquired a HUGE exclusivity deal, doubt this is it though, Rockstar wouldn't do that, and if they did it would be a timed exclusive.

could be right, but probably wrong =l