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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Monster Hunter Tri Limited Edition


Monster Hunter Tri Limited Edition

Awesome 36 87.80%
Meh 5 12.20%


*fixed image

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I see nothing....

Former something....

Buying in 2015: Captain toad: treasure tracker,

mario maker

new 3ds

yoshi woolly world

zelda U

majora's mask 3d

I dont see anything

i think he meant this which looks awesome but look it says also on: ps3 wtf!?!?!

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^MH3 PS3 edition confirmed

Oh wait i clicked on ps3 and it said cancelled so nevermind.

wow Galaki that looks even better than the one ign had. but i wonder what is the last content, do you know???

Depending on the price, that limited edition is MINE. Straight up.

I just got the demo today while picking up my preorder of Fragile Dreams. Think I will pop that in a few and mess with it a little before sleep instead of staying up to late playing Fragile.