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Pikmin was VERY popular for the type of game it was and I never noticed that until today. Today I was looking on V.G.C and wanted to look at the best selling games for each genre and when I came to Strategy I was VERY surprised and VERY happy. As everyone knows I am a HUGE pikmin fan and so I knew it was a Strategy game and I went down the list until I found Pikmin which wasn't far down which made me happy.

Pikmin is the #15 best selling Strategy game of all time. As many know Strategy games sell better on a P.C and not a Home console so I wanted to see how it did when I don't count all of the P.C games.

Pikmin is the #4 best selling non P.C Strategy game of all time! I found that to be HUGE for a game that made its debut on the worst selling Nintendo Home console ever made. Pikmin only lost to #3: Halo Wars, #2: Pokemon Stadium 2, and #1: Pokemon Stadium(1)

I also think that when Pikmin 3 comes out it could outsell Halo Wars and maybe Pokemon Stadium 2 but Pokemon Stadium(1) is probably impossible but who knows what the Wii can do considering the new base Nintendo found this gen!

Also here are the sales of Pikmin and the games that outsold it:

#4:Pikmin sold 1.63 Million

#3:Halo Wars sold 1.79 Million(Still selling)

#2:Pokemon Stadium 2 sold 2.54 Million

#1:Pokemon Stadium(1) sold 5.88 Million


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I stumbled into the world of Pikmin earlier this year. I must admit that game is super addictive. It deserves epic sales and a Wii revival of the franchise. It's a gem of a game.

mZuzek loves to pre-order

I don't think anyone would consider stadium 1 & 2 strategy games.

arsenal009 said:
I don't think anyone would consider stadium 1 & 2 strategy games.

I dont but V.G.C does so I made this thread according to V.G.C.

can't wait for pikmin 3 :D

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