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jrpg's are the only genre i will play regardless of graphics and physics. in some cases older graphics making the game better imo. every other genre i need a wow factor to get any real fun out of them. as for replay ability, i would normally go back to them about a year or more after getting bored of them, again with other genres i would be looking something new and exciting, but the stories normally make it worth while. wrpgs are the same although graphics and physics are a factor for them.

correct me if I am wrong
stop me if I am bias
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Like em, though FFXIII really impressed me today!


JRPGS=My main genre

Love Mir Forever!!
My Favorite Jrpg Series: Ar Tonelico, Lunar, Tales of, Star Ocean, Final Fantasy, Atelier/Mana Khemia, Suikoden, Grandia, Wild arms, and Disgaea.

JRPG = Hate Em

WRPG = Love Em

JRPG=love them

WRPG=like them

Most WRPG don't deliver on story while jrps may forget to innovate sometimes i feel those that say none have innovation just aren't trying to play jrpg's.

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iLLmaticV3 said:
I love RPG's, because they are pretty much the only games I can play and enjoy the story for. A good story is the main reason I play video games.

I have to say this is.....something.

jrpgs=love them even though i haven't played a great one since ffx.

wrpgs=liking them more and more with mass effect, oblivion, fallout 3.

my top 5 right now. 1. uncharted 2 2. assassin's creed 2 3. god of war 3 4. final fantasy xiii 5. blue dragon: awakened shadow.

well to me FPS online is just something i'd play a couple of times till i get bored of repeating the same thing i did before (because FPS maps are always so little!)

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The definiation of a perfect for me is an RPG!!! Pokemon I will be getting on Sunday FTW

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JRPG: Love them

WRPG: Love them

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