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Forums - General Discussion - if you could have any job what would it be?

Professional Golfer, assuming I'm good enough to be on the PGA and win every so often.

Because I love golf and to get paid to play a game I love would be amazing.

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Damn, someone already took Dane Cook puncher, dibs on having the Ryan Seacrest face puncher.

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highwaystar101 said:

My dream job would be a Physicist; my word I think I would so happy being a Physicist, I would be paid to study something I love.

Physics is awesome and I have many times tought about studying it for a living but I have too many interests so it's a hard choice! I'm enjoying the electrical fields physics as of now! It's really interesting when you get to understand it in a personal way and not in an academical one.


I am surprised and relieved with the Dane Cook comments. My dream job would probably be playing in the NBA, or working in the video game industry management.

I'd love to work at TV Guide, I'm a tv addict and I like writing. Writing about the things I love would be perfect for me. I can see it now, getting paid to leave my comments about tv, interview actors, and complain when my favorite shows are canceled. I already participate in the web Cheer/Jeer of the week every week, gotta get my foot in the door

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I would want to be a volus or a geth......

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FootballFan said:
Best Footballer in the world

Different women every week
170,000 per week
"God" like status
Representing your nation
Retirement at 35
Worldwide Fame
Participating in adverts

Err, I'll take best F1 driver in the world.


Multiply all the above stats times 10, except for retirement, which comes whenever you feel like it.

NFL Running Back or's a toss up :/

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halogamer1989 said:
United States Senator

You want to get nothing done and have affairs?