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I don't know....I do miss my psp...finally getting my ps3 didn't play it much..">

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I thought the strongest market for the PSP was the US for a while. But in recent years has fallen off the cliff.

Anyone can guess. It takes no effort to throw out lots of predictions and have some of them be correct. You are not and wiser or better for having your guesses be right. Even a blind man can hit the bullseye.

Hmm depends on the software launches.... Can live up with some big hitters...When does that FFXIII game come?


Yeah the PSP isnt in great shape.

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Good first try for Sony on the handheld, but it is dying fast.

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Grimes said:
I thought the strongest market for the PSP was the US for a while. But in recent years has fallen off the cliff.

Hardware wise it has always been Europe.

dying??? I thought it was already dead outside of japan. sony did this to themselves.


time for a double price drop. drop the go to 210 and 3000 to DS prices worldwide. handhelds last for longer periods of time than consoles so don't get your hopes up.

I can't believe the PSP is still $170. I just checked on Amazon since I never knew its price and Sony wants a premium!

At least the DSi is a comparable DS Lite improvement.

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PSP is about six years on market and continue to selling not bad right now.
It sold 50+ million consoles.
It made 30+ million seller titles.
It made a fanbase too.

So, PSP is already successful console. But PSP's life time comes nearer to the end.
I sure, Sony understand this. No doubt, they are developing the next portable console, I think it will be announced on E3.

PSP2 will have all chances to be successful too, but Sony exactly need to take into account mistakes of the first console, piracy first of all. =)