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Forums - Sales Discussion - The Official Nov. 2009 NPD Thread Data covers Nov 1-28 comes @ 6:30 PM EST

Notable events:

Black Friday Week:  Wii = 550k, PS3 = 440k, X360 = 2x Previous week, DS > 1.0m

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has record figures at launch


October Figures / Nov NPD Estimates...November tends to be 2-3x October although DS may be over 3x Oct this year.

Wii - 506.9k  / 1195k

DS - 457.6k  / 1448k

PS3 - 320.6k / 731k

X360 - 249.7k / 700k

PSP - 174.6k  / 268k

PS2 - 117.8k / 179k


Brett's preview is here.

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A million Wiis.

5 hrs and 29 mins to go

I'm betting the PS3&360 will be in line with our numbers, Wii will be lower.

And here we go again.

Woohoooo can't wait =)


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A few hours left. Shame I have to go to work tomorw but I'll definatly check it out, and prepare for major lulz from the Gaf forums.

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should be interesting.

I'm not really here!

So any predictions ?

Trying to keep the thread interesting to ease the wait.

I really cant call it.... Although I do think wii will be less from NPD.

I'm not really here!

Why does everyone think the Wii is overtracked again?