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My top 3




Former something....

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Is the third one Spongebob but blue?

Pixel Art can be fun.

SmokedHostage said:
Is the third one Spongebob but blue?

Cookie Monster

Former something....

SmokedHostage said:
Is the third one Spongebob but blue?

I know it's already obsolete, but you truly deserve it:

Okay... that Joker and Batman Rabbid are totally awesome.

This is a definite must buy, thanks for this thread blacksaber (I love those Rabbids!).

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Hah. That Thingle one fits so well it's scary. Joker and Mudkipzzz are cool too.

Is this from Rabbids Go Home?

If so, I must get them home ... from the trunk of my car.

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That's totally awesome. For a little add-on feature it looks like an amazing and fun time waster. Must get this game.


Rabbids Go Home looks like a great game. I'll get it sooner rather than later.

It's totally fun. Realy enjoying the stupid music!


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