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Forums - Sales Discussion - The January 2009 NPD Thread (Data @ 6:30 PM EST)

Note that in January 2008, NPD reported that 1.5m videogame machines were sold in the USA, with none of the six primary machines (Wii, DS, PS3, PS2, PSP, 360) seeing sales below 200,000 or above 300,000 units. For January 2009, we expect a radically different situation. We expect that NPD to report that Nintendo sold 1.3m Wii & DS machines, Sony sold 570,000 PS3, PS2, and PSP machines, and Microsoft sold 340,000 Xbox 360s. In terms of hardware sales, this would represent an impressive ~50% year over year growth in hardware sales on equal pricing for five of the six platforms. Sony’s share of this growth has shrunk though, with negative total platform sales in the move from January 2008 to January 2009 even as the market has grown overall. PS2, PSP, and PS3 combined to sell over 760,000 units in January 2008 in the USA according to NPD, but that figure should be ~200,000 units lower in January 2009.


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OH I had forgotten it's NPD day haha. Um well given December's numbers I got no idea what to expect so I'll just wait to be surprised.

Time to go hit NeoGAF, I suppose.

I don't really expect anything too interesting, but it's become a habit of mine to drop in and look around.

Im scared for the Xbox 360. I think perhaps it will show the PS3 > Xbox 360 because black is the new white.


Squilliam said:
Im scared for the Xbox 360. I think perhaps it will show the PS3 > Xbox 360 because black is the new white.

PS3 > Wii60 confirmed!

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Ow nice... great day to have NPD day on the last night I can work on my research proposal. I'm gonna go hit the old .doc files and see you guys when this is in full swing!

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Hurray for NPD Day!

Oh, sweet.

I expect some great Wii numbers. Was surprised at how well it did this month.

NeoGAF, I'm coming!~~

For the stupid people (me):

in 2 hours ?

Barozi said:
For the stupid people (me):

in 2 hours ?

Yes, two hours from now.