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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - rate of Nintendo employees

I thought it would be fun to analyze how the recent success by the Nintendo consoles has impacted the company's number of employees. If maybe the increased income is invested in more employees -> hopefully more and better products in the future!

Year ended March 31, 2006: 3,150 employees
Year ended March 31, 2007: 3,373 employees (+7%)
Year ended March 31, 2008: 3,768 employees (+11%)

My guess is that Nintendo will have about 4200 employees in March 31, 2009.. comments? anyone have older data? :)


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Nintendo does need more development assets, though that would only account for a very small percentage of these people.


Probably for the marketing blitz that has kept their gravy trains rolling on. Or more people for R&D work

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interesting but not unexpected as theyre the only company making a killing right now

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thats allot of people!

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From what I understand about Nintendo they won't increase rapidly unless they are certain of longer term success , I don't think the Wii&DS gives them that certainty.

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Nice zeroth post, OP. ;)

Nintendo may wish to be careful with this expansion. It the small size and flexibility which allowed it to survive the lean times and come back strong. But what's a few investments when you're pulling in a billion dollars a quarter, anyway?

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I wish I worked for Nintendo :P

I think this is noteworthy in this thread.

Japan is building a new R&D center:

Roma said:
thats allot of people!


Actually no, that is an extrodinarily low number of people given their financials.

actually i think they r goingg to let some people go this year