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I have recently been in Amsterdam, London, Paris and Brussels, and I have never seen Wii Fit. Do i have to go to an HMV, a Virgin, or maybe to the supermarket?Where are you all seeing Wii fit. Do I maybe have to look in more rural areas?? Or is demand for Wii Fit minimal in more moutainous areas! Please tell me where you are finding Wii Fit. What kind of stores, in what kind of areas?

I've tried on the internet, but they are telling me i have to wait 3 or 4 weeks for a copy. For the past 6 weeks i have been telling myself there is no way i will wait 3 weeks for Wii Fit.

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I have never seen it in stock.

However, i have seen Wii's in stock on two separate occasion. Pretty rare.

Who finds them. I pre-ordered months before release. I was at Best-Buy the other day and this lady came in asking for it. They told her they have no clue when the next shipment is coming in.

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It's severely supply constrained, especially in PAL. I would suggest waiting the 3 weeks, because you're lucky it will only take that long.



There have been a lot of Wii Fits in my closest store.

On Friday, there were around 25 Wii Fits in stock.
On Monday, there were around 30 Wii Fits in stock
Today, there were around 20 Wii Fits in stock.

So there isn't a huge supply issue in Norway at least. (Anedoctal only though)


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Talk to the sales people and ask them when they get/put stock.
A lot of those big chains will hold out for special days, such as Saturday.

I've seen a pallet full with wii fit boxes once in a big electronics store.

They didn't even bother unloading the pallet

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Haha good luck finding one.


 a friend of mine have been looking for one since release.

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