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Cnsole Review

PC Review

It looks like this is so far the most defining technological achievement on the current systems as far as third party is concerned.

Raytraced GI + Reflections, even in the 60fps modes (No 60fps mode on Series S)

As for the game itself, it sounds like the exploration is great but combat and story is relatively average. I think your enjoyment of the world/environment will determine your enjoyment of the game, similar to Hogwarts. Has anyone picked it up, thoughts?

I'm waiting for a discount

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It's great to see current gen consoles finally getting to stretch their legs, free from the shackles of PS4 and Xbox One.

Snowdrop really is an exemplery engine; in this era where 90% of games run on Unreal, it's cool to see what can be done with in-house technology like Snowdrop or RE Engine; makes things more interesting. It scales quite well too; even on Switch it has produced admirable results, while here Series S fares well compared to a lot of other big 9th gen titles.

I haven't played this one yet myself, and I'm not sure if I will, but as someone who finds graphics technology fascinating, it's still cool to see.

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