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Like it says on the tin, what are your favourite artist animations you've seen over the years?.

A few of mine are varied over the years, from incomplete, to ongoing to finished projects. here's a few of my all time favourites:

Ian's animations (Worthitkids):

Fortress Films:

I highly recommend watching his Spy's disguise video first, because there are references of it within Emesis Blue. 

Emesis Blue is possibly the best TF2 SFM I have ever seen, being this long, not having to resort to using jumpscares, yet keeping the story chilling enough, and this is all based on TF2's respawn mechanic, but turned into a horror story (complete with refs to Stephen King's the Shining and The jaunt). 

Guilty gear op parody:

I still love Guilty gear as a franchise, and TF2 as well, and I've noticed the two franchises fans are having an overlap in recent years, so this is one of my fave GG TF2 crossover animations.

Desert Mayhem Overdrive, a nice blend of 2D and CGI animation:


MLP S9 show sendoff, a spoof of the producers Goodbye ending:

I just dig how fluid Anon's animations have been over the years, but they don't really animate much these days.

The Green Between by Hawdy:

A small but beautiful animation of two elemental creatures being at odds, but coming together to combine their opposite elements to create something more than the sum of their parts. 

Cult of the Lamb:

Though it was animated by Half Giant studio, one of my fave animators, Gregzilla took part in animating some of the scenes for the trailer footage.

Donkey Kong Country - Curse of the Crystal coconut, by Alex Henderson:

Really love his animations and I wish Nintendo would hire him someday.

A Fox in Space, by Matthew Gafford:

Matthew has been working on this series for around a decade if not more, and while it takes him a long time just to get an episode out, I feel like it has been well worth the wait. I love how he manages to turn Starfox into a late 80's/early 90's kind of grim show with an aged look to it.


Props to Kosperry for managing to emulate Don Bluth's art style. 

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I watched A Fox in Space back when the first episode came out and didn't really care for it. Some friends were surprised when they came over to talk to me about it cause I was the Star Fox guy in the group. I didn't much like the style it went for, character designs looked too much like furries, general tone seemed more interested in parodying the series than in respecting it, I don't know something about it just didn't click. I also didn't know it was all done by one guy, just assumed it was a team of people which definitely made it less impressive.

Then a few months ago episode two came out and everyone was hyping it up again, I said okay, let's give it a chance. First I rewatched episode one with an open mind, but I still didn't really care. Then...

This fucking blew my mind.

Don't really know what else to say really, it's just so insanely good. After watching it I looked up Matthew Gaddock to learn more about him, and yeah the guy's a legend. He inspired me to get back to focusing on my creative work, and expanding it beyond just the music I'd been doing. I don't know how that's gonna go, but whatever happens, I have A Fox in Space to thank for. Which sounds silly I guess, but it's true. Can't wait for episode three.

Also a few days ago I was looking for an Okami gif to post on the "Sweetest moment in a game" thread, and stumbled upon this:

I mean, first I stumbled upon a gif without context of course, and it just looked so cool. I didn't know where it was from, assumed it was a Marvel vs. Capcom cutscene or something. Turns out it's fanmade, one person made this. I couldn't believe it, but yeah there it is.

It was done for a larger video compilation of Okami animations, but when you watch the full video you wonder if this guy should've gone less hard because the video is probably made worse by their animation making everyone else's look bad lol

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