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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why is there no Disney Afternoon Collection on Switch?

I was today years old when I learned that in 2017 (!) Capcom released the Disney Afternoon Collection for PS, Xbox and PC, basically for all consoles - except the Switch. Now this collection was developed by Digital Eclipse and consists of six NES games: Chip 'n Dale 1+2, Duck Tales 1+2, Tale Spin and Darkwing Duck.

It is 2023 and the thing still hasn't made its way to the Switch. What on earth is going on here? Digital Eclipse knows the Switch. Capcom enjoys big success on the Switch. These six games originated on a Nintendo console. The Switch's market potential would easily make this the best-selling version of the collection in no time (even with the six year headstart), yet here we are. Shake my head...

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Damn, I never wanna hear Xbots complaining about not getting games ever again

I never understood this either.

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Leynos said:

I never understood this either.

It seems like since 2017 Capcom hasn't really cared about games that weren't developed in-house. The only game I've seen since then that wasn't developed in-house was Monster Hunter Stories 2, but it was still 50/50 developed with Marvelous. 

It's all about in-house development and RE Engine for Capcom now. It's paid off big time up to this point. 

Funny, that you come up with that game because all these years it was also in my mind and I never understood why they never brought it to the Switch. I mean they are all old NES games, it's kind of a no-brainer to bring it to a current, very successful Nintendo console. I have only two explanations: 1. The game sold very poorly on the other consoles, so Capcom doesn't bother to bring it to the Switch or 2. Capcom simply forgot about this game (a an easy port to Switch).

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It's weird. Another one is the Capcom Classics Collection.

I remember everyone complaining about it back in 2017. We were baffled then and baffled now.

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Because Capcom and Namco back in 2017 had no sense of really what to do with the Switch. Although, I think this kind of port has basically been in their backburner of things to do since then so don't expect them to come back to this just for a late port of the collection

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At the time they started development they didn't really know the Switch would be a successful market. By the time they would have had confidence, the game could have not lived up to expectations and maybe they decided more ports didn't make sense. There are also issues with rights that can be very tricky especially with Disney and older games. Might have been that the contracts didn't allow Capcom to put it on any other systems, and Disney wasn't willing to extend it to the Switch at the same cost, or had a general change in policy, etc.

It is also noteworthy that the collection released in April 2017, shortly before the Duck Tales Reboot started. So, it was the perfect time to release that type of collection. By the time the Switch launched successfully and the development could have been completed, maybe the moment would have passed and the game wouldn't have sold as well.

So, of course, I can't answer the question, but there are plenty of reasons this is possible. When you get into licensing deals involving multiple companies, things that seem very simple can become very complex. Probably why I am posting this instead of playing Capcom vs SNK 2 right now.

The thing is, I could easily get this on PS4 if I wanted, but I refuse. To me it just doesn't feel right to play these games on a Playstation. I know this is subjective, but I don't care. These games belong to the Switch, fullstop.

Oh well, at least the Switch still has some more years to go, so I'll keep waiting. Let's hope the collection arrives someday.