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Forums - Politics Discussion - Steam, Paypal, Epic Games, etc. BANNED IN INDONESIA

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Apparently they are refusing to comply with the new regulations that would force companies to give a lot of information of their customers to the government, as well as stuff that would "disturb public order". Which is something that is apparently happening for a while in Asia (and the rest of the world, for that matter). It doesn't bode well for freedom of speech. This also makes me really suspicious of those companies that have complied with the government censorship.

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Looks like the reason the companies didn’t comply wasn’t because of any ethical stance, but because of slow administrative processes didn’t get them to comply before a deadline. Google complied just before the deadline, the rest of the companies have since complied and have been unblock—except EA, and it’s probably mostly because of slow bureaucracy.

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guess that is a country i will not live in