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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu Sales: Week 41, 2020 (Oct 05 - Oct 11)

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WowA 100k for the Switch! And almost a Switch domination in the top 10

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Switch is a beast, PS5 and XSX will be decimated by Nintendo Switch in this holiday

Has Sony stopped producing the PS4 Pro? Its percentage of overall PS4 sales has gone down steadily the past few weeks, and only sold 165 (~4% of total) this week. I wonder if this is happening globally or just in Japan?


Damn over 100k for Switch! Wasn't expecting that. They just better be holding out a ton for the holidays! I wanna see the Switch hit 300k multiple weeks in Nov and December.
Switch probably only 4 weeks away from matching what it sold last year.

Impressive Switch sales once again and like I said in the previous thread screw EA for insulting Switch owners with another "Legacy" edition of FIFA.

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Another 100k week without much effort lol. This is going well for Pikmin launching in a climat like that and HW.

Damn this Holiday is gonna be insane

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

14th week over 100k for the switch in 2020!
In 2019 Switch passed the 100k mark 11 times, 8 of which were in the last 9 weeks of the year, 2 were for the launch of the Lite and 1 was the first week of the year.

I guess I've gotten used to the Switch doing really well, because I thought this was a slightly above normal week for the Switch, rather than an impressive one.

At this point it may be a choice to begin the process of readying a new Tomodachi given the insane popularity it has in both Japan and Europe