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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony is partnering with HBO on a The Last of Us TV show

'The Last of Us' Series in the Works at HBO From 'Chernobyl' Creator Craig Mazin, Neil Druckmann (Exclusive)


Mazin and Druckmann will write and executive produce the adaptation of the Sony PlayStation video game.

Craig Mazin, the creator of the acclaimed limited series Chernobyl, is reteaming with HBO to adapt The Last of Us, the massive Sony PlayStation video game franchise.

In a rare development in the world of video game adaptations, the writer and creative director of the game, Neil Druckmann, is also involved and will work with Mazin to pen and executive produce what is intended to be a series.

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Neil Druckmann, Craig Mazin + HBO's money and production. Its easy to be hyped for this. I'll be very much looking forward to future news on this project.

Sony is killing it this year, I'm gonna watch it 100%

No fucking way. I thought this project would either get indefinitely postponed or end up another underwhelming movie adaptation. I did not expect to hear such a promising pivot with such talent involved. Hope it stays that way and we get a series every bit as good as Chernobyl that does the franchise justice. The other hard part may be convincing viewers burned out on zombies after the flood of them some years ago.

HBO + 'Chernobyl' Creator + Neil Druckmann to make a Last of Us TV series?

That sounds kinda awesome.
I wanna watch this when it comes out atleast.

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Hopefully it turns out something more entertaining than The Walking Dead(as it is today)

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Oh wow this could be really good. Looking forward to this.

This have a lot of potential for greatness.
I'm still waiting for the Uncharted Movie.

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I very rarely watch TV or movies. Instead, I watch a lot of YouTube. But I'm very happy and looking forward to seeing this. Zombie shows / movies are some of my favorites.

If they can get it right I think it will work really well. The Witcher seems to have done fairly well on Netflix recently.

Good to see this site is still going