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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Countdown to Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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We are just a few months away from the release of one of the most highly anticipated games for the Nintendo Switch.  Following the long wait since Animal Crossing:City Folk, this will be the first mainline console release for this very popular, and once very unique franchise. Many changes are in store for us this go around, including the fact that you will be on your very own island, will be able to craft items, and can have up to eight players playing on one island.  There are also plenty more styles of customization for your villager and I'm sure a whole host of new goodies that we'll learn as we get nearer to the release date for this evergreen Nintendo title.


While we wait for these next three months to slowly tick by in real time, and as we celebrate this holiday season in the real world instead of on our very own island (which would be way cooler, btw) let's reminesce about the good old days.  When did you first come across this amazing series?  What title would you say has been your favorite?  Are you super excited to head out for some New Horizons, or would you just rather pop in one of the older titles.  And since this is a sales site, afterall, feel free to speculate about day one, week one, year one, and lifetime sales.  Make yourself at home, relax, and let's idle away these remaining days until we finally get to be in debt to Tom Nook once again with fascinating stories of the towns we once new and the islands we've yet to cross.

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I have no doubt this will be my favourite Switch game.

98 days until the game of the generation.

Yeah I'm about to revive my animal crossing switch thread with updated info. I might actually buy a switch in month or two.

March 2020 needs to get here asap My daughter has been bugging me about this game and so has her mom (in hopes my daughter would stop playing sim 4 lol)

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Wasn't too into Animal Crossing until New Leaf, I would play the previous games from time to time but NL was the first one I spent hundreds of hours on, hopefully this one grabs me as much as that again.

sethnintendo said:
Yeah I'm about to revive my animal crossing switch thread with updated info. I might actually buy a switch in month or two.

whoops...sorry about that.  I'll give this one a lock, but you're going to have to get that Switch first.  ;P

Not my kind of game but I hope it'll end as a great addition to the Switch librairy and a must own title for most in the future.

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Will it hit 10 million sold in 2020?

My two favorite series are Animal Crossing and Paper Mario. It feels weird to me how far we are into Switch and still don't have either of these out yet lol. Can't wait for AC!