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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Title screens that blew you away immediately

We've all been there with games in the past - when you boot a game up for the first time, and are impressed straight away from the title screen alone. In this day and age, awesome title screens kinda feel like a dying art, but it's not like every game has forgotten how to do it right.

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Rings of Power

Don't know if it blew me away, but I like TLOU's title screen.

This is a tricky one hehe, there a many to choose from.

Mario Galaxy, I mean come on. Incredible orchestral intro.

This one is classic:


The loading screen (and music) for Venus the Flytrap on A500.

Sadly the game kind of mediocre

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What about a title screen that appeared after 30 hours when I thought the game was over and had already seen the ending, and blew me away because of that?

Other than that:

I remember this title screen giving off an aura of mystery. Made me really curious what kind of experience I was in for,

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I think it's more about anticipation. I've loved many Halo intros, I loved Destiny and Destiny 2, BotW, and some others. But, the common theme is that I was eagerly awaiting all of the games, and looking to be impressed. So, I'm thinking it's more psychological.

Half-Life blew me away so much I watched the intro multiple times before starting the game. But that's a lot more than simply a title screen.

Nowadays I rather have title screens to go away fast. Actually that's always been the case as in the past the first 2 or 3 minutes of loading from the cassette tape was only to display the title / loading screen, then the actual game loading started.... But one stands out in my mind and has already been mentioned, Detroit become human. So mean she went away after finishing the game!

Vodacixi said:

Totally agree.

This was the first thing that popped into my head, when I read the title thread and went into thread.
Saw your post amoung the first page, and though Id just give you a quote.

This is my answear too.