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Forums - Politics Discussion - GTA6 Probably Won't Release While Trump is President.

From an IGN video

A co founder of rockstar said that he's glad he is not releasing GTA6 while Trump is president because he doesn't want to trigger progressives and conservatives.

The way he talked about it made it sound like the game is is early pre production.

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Another reason then why i hope Trump will be president until 2024

GTA 6, someday.. we wait *-*

But thanks for "Red Dead Redemption 2" this week, my PS4 is ready for the next "Rockstar Games"-Masterpiece :)

And i want a GTA 3/Vice City-Remake

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A release in 2025 sounds about right.

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That means we have at least 6 years until release, if not longer.

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Hopefully Trump becomes a dictator then. Bring down GTA!

Bearing in mind GtA V is still going strong, with both new sales and shark cards, plus Rockstar won't want to cannibalise sales of RDR, it will be a while.

Usually they do a teser one year with a full reveal about 6 months later, releasing at least circa 18 months after the teaser. With RDR 2 in mind, the earliest you'd get the teaser would be mid 2029, putting release either later 2020 or early 2021, again at the earliest. They'd also likely try to do what they did with V, release late jn one console circle, with a later re-release on the next-gen consoles. That would fit with the early 2020s.

So what if Trump wins in 2020? Will, that means the game is delayed until 2025? If so that would be a 12 year gap between 5 and 6. That's nuts. That could be ammo against Trump for the 2020 elections. Democrats can be like "If Trump wins you won't get GTA VI until 2025! Vote for me to get the game earlier!"

Sounds like a good campaign idea.

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Good, I don't want GTA6 until VR is mature. GTA6 should be ground up VR exclusive to drive growth of VR, like GTA3 did with open world 3d titles. Set the bar Rockstar, the industry looks to you to lead the drive to advanced game design and technology.

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This will motivate a lot of people to sign up for voting on 2020. GTA for 2021 or 4 more years of Trump and GTA for 2025?