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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS4 monthly software sales chart for China (with numbers)

January, February, March and April 2018 


Last edited by Sh1nn - on 05 July 2018

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They have good taste, Uncharted, GOW, Monster Hunter, Bloodborne, Ni-Oh and Persona 5 are all great games.

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

GOD OF WAR sold over 100K in China?! Bra that's huge.....



GoW sales in China > GoW sales in Japan

Sh1nn said:
GoW sales in China > GoW sales in Japan

The Chinese seem to have tastes that overlap a lot with my own, hope that market continues to grow for consoles.

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Mostly great games.

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China loves Sony first party games? Even Horizon charted every month. Uncharted from 2016 is also strong there. The Last of Us being a best seller is a bit strange. I thought China doesn't allow ghostly characters or maybe there/s a distinction with zombies and ghosts so they didn't care.

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Not bad... alot of Sony 1st party games too.

China now bigger than Japan for some of Sony :O

so many AAA-games and quality games-highlights, this charts are incredible. good taste! @china

are there any official recent 2018-sales figures of ps4 in china?

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