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Okay, maybe I'm just a complete weirdo, (well, duh, I definitely am, but maybe this is just another prime example) but does anyone else really like cool reload animations in games? Is it just me?

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Got any examples of cool reload animations? I can't really think of many myself, although it's sort of cool that Reaper in Overwatch just throws his shotguns and pulls two more out everytime you reload... gotta imagine it's a HUGE waste of money though, you fire one shot, and he drops BOTH shotguns, and pulls two brand new fully loaded ones out? No wonder he's not in Overwatch anymore, he drove them into bankruptcy!

An example for you to show. I'm sure others will prove fancier ones soon.

Bristow9091 said:

Got any examples of cool reload animations? 

Titanfall 2 has some cool ones:

The same animator also did some good joke ones:

Uncharted series has some amazing reload animations

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Soooo gooood

Video games are amazing!!!

I love the original Killzone's reload animations:

nicegil2010 said:

Soooo gooood

Seeing as how this is RE4, I will happily assist with an embed.

alternine said:
Uncharted series has some amazing reload animations

Rolling over ammo and reloading at the same time? :P 

MGS5 by far, so much detail.

Just watch the start of this video or skim through to the rifles, it's leagues ahead of anything else as is always the case with Kojimas obsessive attention to detail 

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