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Forums - Website Topics - cannot load player config

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So, this.

It's showing up at the bottom of every forum page. Is it just my computer doing crazy stuff or is this an actual thing right now? It's pretty annoying because I usually just scroll down to the bottom whenever I load a page.

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Okay, in that case I assume my PC is probably just high or something. Oh well

Edit: aaand it just stopped. What the hell?

Just another step towards the site becoming self aware.

I get that, too.

I like it.

Yeah, I'm getting that too.

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Damn, I get it too. And now it's blocked by my adblock. Seems like something terrible wants to load there.

edit: or not. The object is called zeus_1515749415124 with a changing ID at the end. So it's not trivial to block it.

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I can see it too.

What is this.

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AlfredoTurkey said:
Just another step towards the site becoming self aware.

Yeah, probably. It's happening again today.

A bit annoying that no mods have come into this thread.

I didn't even notice that yet.