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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Ending of Games #3 - Xenoblade Chronicles

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This game is a little tricky. An acient sword that offers glimpses of future, man vs machines, two huge titans living in a endless sea. I wasn't sure what was the true plot  at first. 

You have the old and good: let's kill the machines because they want to kill us first, then let's kill that Metal Face machine, because it killed one of us, let's revenge! and Alvis appears, the visions of future starts to get more misterious. Suddenly, we are fighting gods and then the ending. 

Gosh, when Alvis says the truth about everything, my mind just blowed. For me, one of the best, if not THE BEST, ending of all time.


If I have to use just 1 world to describle Xenoblade, I would use: epic

What do you think? Good, bad, perfect? 


Breath of The Wild Ending
Final Fantasy X Ending

Click HERE and be happy 

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The best game I have ever played.

i lost faith in the story of jrpg since FFX-2, and this game brings me back to jrpg

sry for my bad english - it is not my 1st language

One of the best RPG's ever made imo.

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Best ending since SMB1, when the Princess actually WAS in the castle.

One of the most memorable and magical endings of any game I've played; after spending close to 100 hours with these charming characters, it felt like saying goodbye to old friends.

The lovely song and seeing Fiora back in her old body were especially touching.

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Great ending...
Though it always bothered me that Amelia never seemed to get any sense of real closure...
She loses a lot over the course of the game and really doesn't have anything to return to when it's all over...

Have a nice day...

This game really needs a remake. The textures and faces are just rough