Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox Scorpio's Hype Justified by it's Hardware specs

This thing is a beast without optimization according to Digital Foundry [Forza 6].

Microsoft engineers build this thing beautifully in a almost every possible way. Now MS just has to focus on giving the gamers the gamers.

What's everyone initial thoughts on launch day sales for scorpio? providing it's 499 or less?


Thoughts anyone?


Praise the One.

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Weren't people saying it would have Ryzen CPU? lul

Overall though, it is a beast and it will be a great piece of hardware when it launches.

People should still keep their expectations in check before claiming some of the things they are claiming though.


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If you say so.

Personally im hyped by games, which is why I have 0 hype for the scorpio, no matter if its gonna be the most powerful console ever. I had more hype for the WiiU prior to its release than I do now for the Scorpio.

A very well engineered machine. MS have been very good at making powerful consoles that run well. I am hyped for it even though I game solely on PC. If it wasn't for Halo I would pass on Xbox all together. Halo 6 on Scorpio makes me drool.

Meh. We've heard this song and dance before.

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Just like the PS4 Pro, it doesn't need to exist, it's not going to sell well, and it's not going to make any significant impact in the video game industry.

It's really hard for me to summon any enthusiasm for Scorpio. For me, it's a mid-gen refresh for an ecosystem struggling to produce must-have exclusive content. As someone who wants more from Microsoft in terms of software and less in terms of hardware, Scorpio seems to me like a waste of resources.



Oneeee-Chan!!! said:


Wow, I am shocked. Being made by an American company was used as a selling point.

On topic: I expected more. Today Microsoft lost a customer.

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I had no hype for it, and I still don't, so indeed, I think the specs justified it.