It's that time again! An early E3 wish list/prediction thread.

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okay. a bit early so i'll keep things simple. JUST KIDDING

Nintendo: I predict a huge amount of Switch news.
-Splatoon 2 gets a release date
-Super Mario Odyssey gets a new trailer and release date.
-Pikmin 4 is revealed
-Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch is revealed
-Ice Climbers, Inkling Girl, and Inkling Boy all announced as new characters.
-updated version of SSB for Wii U, features an updated menu
-All stages now available for 8-player Smash
-Xenoblade Chronicles 2 gets a new trailer and is delayed to early 2018
-Virtual Console announced for the Switch
-NES and SNES titles will be available after the presentation
-N64, GB, and GBA titles will be available this Winter
-GC, DS, and Wii titles will be slowly rolling out starting early 2018
-Switch will receive an update to support the Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter in docked mode
-Pokemon Gold & Silver announced for 3DS and Switch virtual console
-next Pokemon main series title announced for 3DS
-new Metroid title announced for Switch, no gameplay shown
-Super Mario Maker will be ported to the Switch and all Wii U levels will be downloadable and playable
-Console update to add Internet Browser announced.
-Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and YouTube will all be coming at a later date
-Huge Indie showcase from various high-end Indie developers. both current and future titles announced
-Starfox Zero 2 announced for Switch

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Everyone seems to be on similar page here... all eyes on Switch this year.

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Stellar_Fungk said:

Age of Empires IV, Legend of Dragoon and Half Life 3 confirmed as Switch exclusive.

I would step on Age of Empires IV, break Half Life 3 cards and buy a Switch, doesn't need anything else for it.

Sony will be mostly already announced, with a surprise or two thrown in.

Microsoft will be all about Scorpio and every game that takes advantage of it.So include games like Forza, Crackdown 3, and one surprise, and you are good.

Nintendo will be the most interesting, since they are the ones fighting an uphill battle.Yes, they will show more of Mario Oddysey and XC 2, but other than that, we dont know nothing.I think its safe to say that we will see what Retro is doing, and we will probably glimpse at the Zelda DLC and maybe a bit of Fire Emblem 2018, but I guess there will be alot of surprises.

onionberry said:
Bayonetta 3 would be cool, she's my bitch, i mean witch.

Pics or didn't happen.

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Wish list (you ain't getting any realism from me!):

Don't really care that much since I don't have a PS4. Sad times indeed :/

The new elder scrolls would be amazing, quite a few years since last time now and I can't wait to get back into tamriel once again!

Where to start?
Metroid by Retro, alternatively an western RPG in the veins of the witcher
Xenoblade 2 for winter 2017
Splatoon 2 update coming with four player split screen (if they don't have that at launch, wich I doubt)
Fire Emblem Switch footage, 2018 release confirmed.
Animal Crossing Switch
Pokemon Stars Switch 

Pikmin 4

Battalion wars 3

Endless Ocean 3


that's quite a lot when I look back at it. Think I would be quite happy if only one of them happened to be honest. At least I can dream ;D


Edit: I see the editing screwed up the space between the text, the punishment for being greedy I suppose :/

I'll do my wish list because I stink at predictions


  • Super Smash Bros. 4 w/ all DLC and all the content from the WiiU and 3DS versions together at last
  • Retro Studios game 
  • Metroid 5 (I guess this could be the Retro game)
  • One of the above: new Excite, new F-Zero, new Wave Race
  • Bayonetta 3
  • More info on Spider-Man
  • Maybe bring Ueda-san back on a freelance basis to make another game?
  • A complete overhaul of 343/Halo
  • New Fable
  • Release date for Cuphead (if it hasn't already come out by then)
  • Sell me on Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves
  • Beyond Good & Evil 2
Warner Bros.:
  • More info on Shadow of War
  • Freedom Planet 2
  • Below
  • DrinkBox's next game (Guacamelee! 2?)


bigtakilla said:


I'll  finish with a prediction. Nintendo Event will be recorded again instead of a live event, and be all the better for it. 

So what say you?

I wish everyone would do a recorded event. Those live things are so awkward, bloated, overproduced, and overlong.

I NEED to know what Sucker Punch is doing.
Also, a new God of War trailer or demo would be epic.
Media Molecule HAS to show something about Dreams, its been forever.
Star wars stuff from EA
Insomniac's new game


Sony: I think, hope/want that they will show:
-GoD Of War
-Days Gone

Nintendo: This is tricky, Nintendo could have lots games to show: Retros game, Next Level Games game, Metroid Prime, Pikmin 4, Animal Crossing, Pokemon...some Wii U ports, all games like Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade 2, Splatoon 2, Fire Emblem...that are already unannounced, some 3rd party esclusives. But of course big question is what Nintendo will decide to show at E3, but Nintendo could easily blown away this E3 depending of what they will decide to show.
I personaly that will see again Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade 2, Splatoon 2, Smash Bros 4 port, Metroid Prime, Pikmin 4 and some 3rd party exlusives like Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Mario Rabbids.

MS: I am not really in what MI doing or what I would expect or love to see.