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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Ultimate Pokemon Tournament Generations 1 - 6 Round 2, Match 6

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Approved by RavenXtra <3

We started with 721 Pokemon and now only 360 remain. Welcome to round 2 of the Ultimate Pokemon tournament Generations 1 - 6, where only 1 Pokemon will come out on top. Round 2 consists of 20 rounds and 18 Pokemon where 12 Pokemon from each round will advance and places 13th and 14th will have a chance at redemption in one of the 4 loser rounds. Rounds will go up around 12pm EST.

Even though there are 18 Pokemon per round you are only voting for the 10 you think should advance like in the example below:

10p Wartortle

9p Squirtle

8p cyndaquil

7p chimchar

6p turtwig

5p poliwag

4p caterpie

3p Pikachu

2p Gogoat

1p Pichu

The Top 12 Pokemon for each round will advance to round 3 and 13th and 14th will have a chance at redemption in the loser round.

Round 2 Match 5 Results:

1) Garchomp 80 points

2) Absol 74 points

3) Serperior 64 points

4) Toxicroak 62 Points

5) Electivire 48 points

6) Aron 48 points

7) Flaffy 47 Points

8) Omanyte 43 Points

9) Rhydon 40 Points

9) Hitmonchan 40 Points

11) Roserade 35 Points

12) Cofagrigus 33 Points

13) Psyduck 31 Points

14) Clawitzer 27 Points

15) Excavalier 28 points

16) Monferno 25 points

17) Minccino 18 Points

17) Hippowdon 18 Points

We now move on to the 4th match of round 2

#654 Braixen

#553 Krookodile

#58 Growlithe

#49 Venomoth

#671 Florges

#229 Houndoom

#545 Scolipede

#461 Weavile

#179 Mareep

#80 Slowbro

#176 Togetic

#117 Seadra

#7 Wartortle

#76 Golem

#386 Deoxys

#64 Kadabra

#141 Kabutops

#675 Pangoro

Vote Your favourites through to round 3!

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10p Weavile
9p Kadabra
8p Wartortle
7p Braixen
6p Deoxys
5p Togetic
4p Slowbro
3p Pangoro
2p Krookodile
1p Seadra

10p Weavile
9p Braixen
8p Mareep
7p Houndoom
6p Wartortle
5p Slowbro
4p Deoxys
3p Kadabra
2p Scolipede
1p Krookodile

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10p Krookodile
9p Weavile
8p Slowbro
7p Houndoom
6p Kadabra
5p Kabutops
4p Deoxys
3p Pangoro
2p Florges
1p Golem

10p Growlithe
9p Togetic
8p Wartorle
7p Seadra
6p Braxien
5p Mareep
4p Golem
3p Kabutops
2p Venomoth
1p Deoxys

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10p Seadra
9p Wartortle
8p Houndoom
7p Florges
6p Growlithe
5p Mareep
4p Kabutops
3p Pangoro
2p Deoxys
1p Golem

10p Slowbro
9p Kabutops
8p Golem
7p Mareep
6p Pangoro
5p Deoxys
4p Seadra
3p Togetic
2p Weavile
1p Krookodile

10p WARTORTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9p Golem
8p Growlithe
7p Mareep
6p Houndoom
5p Weavile
4p Kabutops
3p Kadabra
2p Togetic
1p Slowbro

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10p Wartortle!!!

9p Braixen

8p Kabutops

7p Seadra

6p Krokodile

5p Mareep

4p Golem

3p Togetic

2p Weavile

1p Pangoro